Our Vision

Our mission is to provide a safe and positive living environment that equips our children with a social skill set that will be a foundation for becoming productive members of our society.

Our Mission

Empowering children through hope and healing.

About us

Prairie Harbor is located in the rural town of Wallis, Texas.  We have the ability to house sixty-six residents between the ages of 5 and 17 years old.  In addition to the houses, Prairie Harbor has a Brazos ISD school located on our campus, which is staffed by certified special education teachers. Prairie Harbor also includes two covered picnic/barbeque areas, two basketball courts, and other recreational equipment both in and outdoors.

Who We Are

Because our program is continuous, the residents learn and practice anger management skills, self-responsibility, communication skills, and appropriate coping skills throughout the entire day. The residents become empowered to deal with their problems and can then begin to handle difficult or stressful situations. As residents start to make socially appropriate decisions, they begin to be much more confident in themselves. All of these things improve the client’s self-worth and allow them to become a more responsible members of society.

Our Business

It is Prairie Harbor’s goal to help children discover their potential in order to maximize their emotional, cognitive, social growth. We aim to assist them in improving their current level of functioning by providing them with tools to be successful.
Children living at Prairie Harbor have been prevented from living at their potential by many obstacles such as trauma, abuse, lost family connections, mental illness, maladaptive behaviors, and emotional irregularities. Children must be able to overcome these hurdles and circumstances that have created barriers for them in the past, and begin to learn healthy mechanisms of coping in order to function in the least restrictive environment possible. This can be achieved in a caring and supportive environment that enables children to see their limitations while encouraging growth and change.
Prairie Harbor strives to aid our children in creating a positive identity, learning competent social skills, developing a sense of responsibility, value continued learning, exhibiting healthy boundaries, and feeling empowered and supported.  Prairie Harbor will provide all services in a manner that safeguards the health, welfare and safety of each child in the least restrictive setting possible.